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Poatina in a time of Caronavirus

Physically distanced...

but wholly connected

Like the rest of Australia and the world, the Poatina Community is doing everything we can to prevent the spread of Caronavirus.

The Chalet and conferencing team are taking bookings for future events.


The GENERAL STORE, Gift Shop, Service Station, & The Tiers Tea Lounge are open to the public within government guidelines and at times published on notices. See panel to the right. 

We trust everyone stays safe and clear of COVID-19. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and especially those suffering at this difficult time.

With love from us all at Poatina



Things are different because of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our stores and enterprises are operating within government and community guidelines. Times, access and services are listed below.

The General Store is open each day between 11am - 4pm.

The Service Station is open and/or on call as usual.

The OpShop is closed.

The gift shop - Poatina's Little Shop of Surprises - is open as usual.

The Chalet restaurant and accommodation is closed. For more information see: 


The Tiers Tea Lounge is open for take-aways only on Saturdays and Sundays 11am until 4pm. For more information see: www.tierstealounge.com.au


Here's a walk worth checking out.

On your way to the creek on the southern boundary to Poatina Village, see if you can find Matthew Brady  - bushranger extraordinaire.

Russell McKane has combined his amazing talent with and 'viral' opportunity to capture some of the delights around Poatina Village. 

Bushranger (2).jpg
McKane - Hope abides in chaos.jpg

Exhibiting Now

Poatina in the Round - an all ages exhibition by professional and budding artists from the Poatina community.

Picture Water Ex.png
Shopping & Dining
Accommodation & Conferencing

Welcome to Stoney Creek Country

Yah pulingina Meena yah pulingina neena melythina.


Greetings! It is always a great pleasure to welcome you onto the land of the ancestors. Poatina is built on the ancestral lands that belonged to the Stoney Creek Nation. This nation was made up of at least three extended clans whose territories were defined by rivers and surrounding foothills in the hinterland. The clans were the Tyerenoterpanner, Leetermaireener and Panninher peoples who lived on the wide inland plains and beside the river margins for thousands of generations. They sat beside campfires under the Milky Way and retold timeless stories of their Coming into Being, their social and spiritual relationships with the land, sea, sky, waterways and the laws that governed their lifeworld. The ebb and flow of many seasons were marked by the flowering of trees, the movement of migrating birds, changing weather and although there is much that has been recorded and remembered, I grieve for what we have lost.


The people lived on their Country that spanned the area from the west side of the Tamar River to these foothills below the Big River Nation where the wildfires are presently raging.


Today, from the deepest valleys of my heart, I honour and pay my respects to the memory of the Stoney Creek Nation peoples. As far as we know, there are no living descendants who belong to this nation, therefore as a present day custodian, and on behalf of the voices of those who are now silent, and with permission of Aboriginal Elders and community members present, I welcome you to their lands.

To our fantastic Poatina community and those of you who are visiting this place, I thank you for your sensitivity and respect of Aboriginal land and the acknowledgement of Terra Populous that reaffirms this country was indeed a land of many people.

Aunty Patsy Cameron

January 2019

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