Story Spot


The Voice of Joyce

This is a story I wrote for phonics one week ,

Every week I do LEM phonics with a couple of other people. Our teacher gave us these words that we have to try and use in a story. These are the words,


Fence, base, force, dance, quince, face, grace, peace, rejoice, price, prince,  piece, voice, Joyce, fleece, Greece, commence, defence, advance, since, announce, convince, rice, mice, slice, nice, course, brace and source.



There once was a voice from the mouth of Joyce, as she sang behind the fence of defence. It was a party for the prince of peace to commence the force of dance. Joyce had to rejoice with her voice since she had a piece of Grease from the fleece that was face to face with the fence of defence. One mouse convinced the advance mouse to go down to the base where the party was held to have a nice slice of rice dipped in coarse quince sauce. Since all the people were in the dance room, the mouse took a bite of the rice as the prince of peace came into the room and caught the advance mice eating the rice.

As he quickly escaped across the fence of defence, he saw the voice of Joyce as she sang the end of her song.