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Ch One - Friends Arrive


Q What made you want to start a business?

A When they moved to the Kimberley in Australia it was very hot. That was when Melanie first had the idea. When they kept on moving around Australia, not only by their own choice, they decided to be their own boss. They had worked together before; so they knew they would work together well.

Q When did you first begin Big Bite Dutch Treats?

A November 2017 is when they first had their NBN


Q Do you enjoy most about running a business?
What is your favourite part of your business?

A For Richard he enjoys working with Melanie. For Melanie she enjoys packing online orders especially if they are for gifts.

Q What are some of your most popular products?

A Stroopwafels (baked fresh every week) and Olibolen (Dutch donuts)


Q What awards have you won?

A They have won 18 awards. Some are Royal Tasmanian Fine Foods awards. They received Runner-up and 1st place for their Coconut Squares and Apricot Rounds

Q What award made you feel most excited when you won it?

A The Royal Tasmanian Fine Foods awards champion.


Q Do you often try out new recipes?

A Depends how much time they have. For some recipes they have to get moulds from the Netherlands. They try to be as authentic and traditional as they can. And they have been told that their Olibolen is better than (their Dutch customers’) grandmas’ Olibolen

Q What are some of your favourite things to do other than running a business?

A. Richard enjoys reading, playing games on his iPad and sitting drinking coffee. Melanie enjoys knitting and crochet.

Q What is your biggest dream for the business?

A To own a food truck or a bus and have a bigger oven.

Q What are you most proud of?

A Melanie is pleased that they have reached a stage where things are not as tight financially any more.
Richard is proud that Big Bite Dutch Treats is a recognizable brand.

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