Story Spot


An Island Adventure

Chapter One

Friends arrive!


“Hey Jen!” called James Marsh to his sister Jennifer, “race you out past the breakers!”


They were at the beach doing races into the sea while they waited for their friends, Georgia Woods and also Mark and Kate Starr to arrive.


“Ok” shouted back Jennifer “I bet I’ll beat you!”

“I’m sure you will, but anyway…” laughed James. The two of them raced into the big waves. “Oooh! Its freezing!” cried Jennifer.

“You’ll get warm once you’re swimming” replied James “Come on!”


When they were out of their depth, they started swimming out further. Then James gave a cry. “I see Mark! And there’s Kate!”

“Come on!” yelled Jennifer “we’ll finish the race later!”

Both of them started swimming back to shore as quickly as they could. “Kate, Mark!” cried Jennifer “we’ve been waiting ages for you!”

“Jen, James!” shouted Kate “It’s so good to see you!”

Then a voice behind them spoke. “Hey guys! Sorry I’m not so late!”

“Georgia!” cried Kate and Jennifer at the same time. Georgia laughed. “You were surprised to see me so early, weren’t you?” she said “I finally managed not to be an hour late!”


Georgia, although calm and composed in most situations, could be a bit of a scatterbrain. Especially when it came to getting somewhere on time.

“Let’s go and have lunch.” Suggested Mark “I’m ravenous!”

So everybody went to James’s and Jennifer’s house and ransacked the cupboards and fridge. When they all sat down, the conversation turned around to rips. “I’d scream if I were caught in one” said Jennifer “I think they’re scary”

“Well, there’s always the chance that you could get caught in one if you swim through all those big waves” pointed out Mark.

“Let’s go and swim now” said Kate. “Enough talk about rips!”


So everyone raced down to the beach and into the waves.

“Let’s see who can swim to the island first” suggested Jennifer.

“What island?” asked Kate “You’ve never said anything about that before!”

“Haven’t I?” asked Jennifer “I was sure I had”

“You haven’t!” chorused Kate, Mark and Georgia.

“Ok, then, I mustn’t have. Anyway, I only spotted it yesterday” said Jennifer


“No wonder you haven’t told us then” said Kate, beginning to swim to shore. “Come on everybody!”

Everyone went ashore and sat on some nearby rocks. Then Jennifer told her story:


“Yesterday James and I were swimming” she said “when I spotted a bird circling above the water” she stopped and looked at Mark, whose face was written all over with disbelief. “I did” she insisted.

“Well, are you sure it wasn’t a seagull circling a fish?” asked Mark.

“It was a land bird” said Jennifer, and went back to her story.

“When I looked really hard, I could see a small bit of land. But when I pointed it out to James, he couldn’t see it.” Again, Jennifer stopped talking and pointed out to sea. “Can you see it?” she asked “it’s right there”

“Can” said Mark

“Can’t” said Kate

“I don’t know if I can or not!” exclaimed Georgia


“What do you mean?” asked Jennifer “either you see it or you don’t”

“I saw it, and then it disappeared” said Georgia “one minute it was there, the next it wasn’t!”

“That is strange” commented James. “Maybe the mist out there moved so you couldn’t see it. Can you see it now?”

“No” said Georgia “Can you Jen?”

“Well, no, I can’t” said Jennifer “I’m sure it’s there though”


“Anyway” said Mark “it’s quite a long way out. Too far to swim out to Jen. We’d use up all our strength halfway there, and that would be bad! Let’s just have a race.”


“Ok”, said James “race you out past the breakers then!!!”
And off he raced, with the others shrieking and shouting behind him.