Poatina Futures 


Integrated Critical Issues

Critical Issues List from Fusion Board (5 collectively highest rated issues)

  1. What is the purpose of Poatina? What is Poatina’s current and near future mission and focus?  Has the vision that started Poatina for Fusion changed? 

  2. What is Poatina’s financial viability – can it be viable in the medium term?  Does it need to be financially independent? 

  3. What is the current commitment of Fusion to Poatina?  To what degree is change in the relationship between Poatina and Fusion legally possible?

  4. What is the value Poatina brings to the rest of the movement?  How is this realised? Is Poatina different from any other Fusion centre?  Does Poatina need special consideration or treatment above any other centre to thrive?

  5. What level of autonomy / control does village leadership have for

    1. Poatina homeowners ?

    2. Village residents ? 

Critical Issues List from Poatina Village Leadership (5 collectively highest rated issues)

  1. What does Fusion do with Poatina? How does Fusion relate to Poatina? What does Fusion give to Poatina? What can it give? What does Poatina give to Fusion? Clarity around Fusion’s role as distinct from leadership and governance – where does the Fusion team fit? (What may Fusion cede to the Body Corporate?)

  2. Leadership model for Poatina – appointment, reporting, renumeration, structure – relation to other key areas, level of consultation? 

  3. Decision making process - What is the model of community that exists in the community? Who sets agendas? What assumptions does the community make about its own power? Who decides what happens in Poatina? Who should make the decision about what happens?

  4. Questions around future development - Legislative requirements with discipline, entrepreneurial, missional practice – into the future.

  5. What is the best way to structure the ownership of village assets/hardware in the interest of the vision of Poatina?


Critical Issues List from Poatina Body Corporate (4 collectively highest rated issues)

  1. Can Fusion continue to service Poatina Village and what implications does this have for the Body Corporate? I.e. picking up a greater role in managing enterprises, projects and appearance.

  2. Needing clarity on roles and responsibilities between Fusion, Village leadership and Body Corporate. 

  3. What is Fusion’s mission in the village, is this sustainable and what financial implications does this have for the village?

  4. Operating principles for communication and working together including social contracts for how we live and work together. 


Integrated Critical Issues List

  1. Vision, mission and values of Poatina and Fusion

    1. What is Fusion’s vision for Poatina Village?  How does Fusion see Poatina’s place in the organisation and its contribution to Fusion’s mission? 

    2. What is the village’s vision for its own future and its engagement with and commitment to the mission of Fusion?  What place does the village see that Fusion has in the future of the village?

    3. Are the current legal, financial, organisational and missional partnerships able to adequately serve the emerging directions of Poatina and Fusion?  What changes need to be made to accommodate.

  2.  What adjustments to the current agreements and partnerships would enable both Fusion and Poatina to contribute to each other’s vital and sustainable futures?

    1. The relationship between governance and leadership within Poatina Village and the Fusion team in Poatina.

    2. What structures will best serve the partnerships between Fusion and Poatina into the future?

Three key consultation objectives

  • To clarify and document the current status of the partnerships between Fusion and Poatina Village in legal, financial, organisational/structural and missional terms. 

  • To ascertain from each party both the capacity and the degree of commitment to sustain and develop each of the current partnerships.

  • To recommend adjustments to the partnerships in the interests of health, vitality and sustainability of each of the parties. 

Poatina Community Enquiry