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Impossible Trees 


Climbing up the tree
my foot is wedged in a crack
Hurry, hurry to the top.


Wriggle up the tree
I look up there in despair
Hurry, hurry to the top


Slipping down the tree
quickly need to start again
Hurry, hurry to the top


Getting up the tree.
Where on earth to go next?
Hurry, hurry to the top


Aggravating tree.
Am I stuck? I just don’t know
Hurry, hurry to the top


Stop climbing this tree.
It’s an impossible tree.
Hurry, hurry to the ground

By Isabella Dougall and Mabel Cooper

Jumping Beans on Trampolines



It’s jumping on a trampoline
that makes you like a jumping bean.
Jumping beans go ping, ping, ping,
They also like to sing, sing, sing.


They smell and taste like something yum,
I really wish I could have some.
They’re jumping beans on trampolines
and not yet even in their teens.

By Isabella Dougall and Mabel Cooper

Mum Gets Annoyed



Part One


Our Mum said to us “Clean your room”
Then we started to make a fuss
“We so don’t want to clean our room!”
But Mum insisted it to us.


“Alright!” we cried “Don’t lose your head!”
“Ow!” shouted Mum as she stumbled
“Put this away and make your bed.
It should not be here” Mum grumbled.


Mum found our stash of rotten food
and declared she was disgusted.
We were in a very bad mood
and we wished we had some custard.


Want to know why we wanted that?
To mix it with the rotten food
to fill up every dress-up hat
and get Mum in a rotten mood


Part Two


Our Mum had said to “clean your room!”
And of course we did not want to.
We wanted to Scream, Stamp and Boom
Our baby sister Cam said “Goo”


We went to our room in a huff
and threw and threw our clothes around.
Then there was a bang and a puff.
Our big bed fell right through the ground!


Mum came to see the great big noise
and saw the room was very neat.
“How did you clean up all your toys?
I hope you didn’t hide and cheat!”

By Isabella Dougall and Mabel Cooper

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