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Poatina Permaculture

Dates for 2019

  • June 2nd

  • July 7th

  • Aug. 4th

  • Sept. 8th

  • Oct. 6th

  • Nov. 10th

  • Dec. 1st

Permaculture Appreciative Inquiry Sessions

ABCD for Stewardship and Sustainability in Poatina


A series of Poatina-relevant Permaculture sessions on different topics, with an initial focus on Social Permaculture, that brings the tools of appreciative inquiry to:

a) Celebrate what is already happening towards Stewardship and Sustainability

b) Expose us to new relevant ideas and tools

c) Explore what small changes we could make towards best practice

d) Integrate our learning into everyday life


A series of monthly sessions that focus on different areas of Permaculture ethics and principles and on areas of Village Life (e.g. Social Permaculture – co-ordinated bulk buying, transport, food security, healthy lifestyle; Landcare; Livelihoods; Soils etc). Some sessions will be “Appreciative Inquiry” sessions, others may be practical, implementing or experimenting with ideas that have arisen in previous sessions.

1. Expose - Make a Podcast/Video/Paper available on the topic for people to engage with before the session – e.g. food security video from the Transition Towns movement – begin the session with watching/listening to an excerpt/discussing paper.

2. Celebrate what we are already doing in the Poatina Community – Brainstorm - e.g. bulk buying, sharing surplus produce.

3. Explore and Expand – what new ideas and tools might be relevant

4. Appreciative Inquiry – what small, manageable thing could change or tweak?

5. Integrate – What practical pathways might we take to implement our idea? Ask who, when, where, how - resourcing? Who might we need to co-ordinate with to make it happen?

This series is particularly inspired by the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, and is brought to you by the Permaculture Principle of “Small and Slow Solutions” (from little things, big things grow..).

Current Permaculture in Poatina (May 2019) – from David Holmgren’s Flower

7 Domains of Permaculture Action

Health and Spiritual Wellbeing - Morning Prayer, healthy local food, Self-directed health care, Exercise (bush walking, street walking, dance classes, tree climbing, handball, cops & robbers etc), Vocal Group, Community Meals

Finances and Economics – Ethical jobs, Building life-giving enterprises (Capstone, Arts, Education, Chalet, Farming, Tea Lounge, micro-enterprises by children etc.), simple living, co-buying bulk foods, sharing childcare, loaning cars & equipment.

Land Tenure and Community Governance – Village Meetings, Poatina Weekends, Project Proposals, Poatina Leadership, PAAM

Land and Nature Stewardship – Backyard growing, Chickens and Ducks, Community garden/orchard, Land Care/Land Management/Land stewardship, Beekeeping, Composting & Worm Farming, Gleaning wild food, herbs etc.

Building – maintaining and retrofitting existing/older buildings (maintenance, insulation, working bees etc.)

Tools and Technology – Solar panels and hot water, wood heating and wetback hot water, chain saws and log splitter (for local wood), woodwork & metal work tools, sewing machines, garage, Glass Studio.

Education and Culture – Capstone, Homeschooling group, Learning together, Arts workshops, Permaculture Sessions, informal preserving, cooking, craft, skills learning/exchange etc.

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