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Studio on the Spur

Capstone College Recording Sessions

This semester (October-November 2019) Capstone College is running a Music Technology subject for Year 11 and 12 students in Poatina’s Studio On The Spur facility.

As part of the students’ assessments they are preparing for and recording various musical groups & projects in the Village. Students design and set-up microphones to record each session. They relate to the performers throughout the session, setting microphone and headphone levels to enable quality recording and mixing using professional recording equipment and software.

On the recording schedule over the rest of this semester are:

  • Blue Steel band (pictured, in rehearsal in the Studio On the Spur),

  • Poatina Vocal Group

  • and individual local musicians.

Skill building, creativity and dynamic connections between Capstone College and the community, all in one small studio package!

Blue Steel Band at work in The Studio on the Spur...rehearsing for their recording

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